2 months ago-*****
Chris was very (very) patient with me during the mortgage process with all of the questions I asked as a first time mortgage applicant and guided me through every piece of the extremely tedious, sometimes repetitive process. As frustrating as applying for a mortgage can get, he was always understanding. I would recommend Chris to anyone!

  • Anil

    Sea Cliff, NY   *****

I have dealt with Chris for many years. Highly recommended if you need a mortgage, loan or refinance.  He differs from others by fully understanding his customers and providing them with the best options for success.  He can accomplish what others could not do and this is what makes him stand out from the rest.

, May 14, 2018


  • Erickson, Jersey City, NJ  
    Thursday, May 10, 2018  6:37:48 PM

              Mr.. Chris Caggiano, 
What sets Chris and his team apart from other mortgage lenders is his high level of communication, care, and thoroughness.  When I  need to speak with Chris, he goes above and beyond to make time.  He really makes me feel like I’m his number one concern, usually spending significant portions of his day responding to concerns directly from me . I have never had to wait for a returned phone call or email, which is a huge advantage in the time sensitive world we live in.  Chris is the only lender I’ve dealt with that cares enough to come to our  closing, just to make sure I  completely understand the final numbers and make sure closing goes smoothly. Chris has been able to keep me updated on every type of loan product available.  Having Chris in my back pocket, knowing that his expertise is consistently updated, and practically applied, gives me the power to deal with more complex transactions.  The depth of his knowledge is unsurpassed.

                   More than anything, Chris is a very down to earth and understanding person who is passionate about doing the job right and being an advocate for his clients.  He spends time with them and listens to and addresses their needs, all while providing his expertise to calm nervous customers.  That being said, his relaxed demeanor doesn’t mean that he won’t fight to make sure his borrowers get the best possible deal, with the most attractive terms.

     I have truly enjoyed working with Chris and will continue to refer family and friends to him because I know he is in a class of his own in the lending world.  Work with Chris and you’ll be glad you did.

My apology it was so late.

  • Marko Brooklyn , NY
     6:37:44 PM  Thursday, May 10, 2018 

Chris is the owner and President of Grand Oaks Funding based in Staten Island and he specializes in complex refinance/finance situations, particularly situations like my condo in Brooklyn, NY, which otherwise, and as you already know, falls into the ’non-warrantable’ category of condos and does not meet the conditions for conventional financing.  Grand Oaks has worked many of these situations, including both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and has successfully secured financing for many customers. 

 Chris and his team are truly amazing to work with, extremely diligent and move fast!  Very much like you!  Since I know both of you well now and have had the opportunity to work with you in a variety of complicated situations, I wanted to take the opportunity and introduce you, as there is certainly an opportunity for the two of you to collaborate

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